Friendly health management platform
We made doc your buddy ✌
Medical buddy is a certified doctor who will always come to the rescue and know everything about your health
Supports when you need it
Always ready to answer questions about your health
He is always in touch
Based on information about you he will develop a personal health program
Knows you personally
He will help to achieve your goals, remind you to start taking vitamins, examine your health and eliminates the need to search for info on the Internet
Take your health into your own hands
In a simple, fun way under the supervision of your medical buddy
We have about 80 specialists ready to help you. They are all real professionals
He is a certified physician
Buddy will send you a diploma when you first meet
Has real medical experience
Your buddy is a medical practitioner with at least three years of experience
Passed a difficult interview
All our buddies are interviewed by our strict Medical Director. We screen out almost 70% of candidates not to disappoint your expectations
Your buddy knows what he says
Нас больше 80!
Take a short test and meet your buddy
Let's find your buddy
more than 80 buddies
Manage your health in a new way
Our convenient application makes it easy to manage health from anywhere
You will have all medical records on your phone, sharing them with your doctor and family
Track your progress
Save the most important
Your personal program, progress and important events will remain on your phone forever
Follow your goal and become more effective and health conscious with your new buddy
Stay motivated
Reach the goal, become more aware
Buddy will develop personal medical program for you in 14 days, for free
It's easy to start
Download our app and test it for 14 days for free
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